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Car Insurance

Auto insurance financially protects you and your family from car repair and medical expenses involved with an auto accident. Most states require you to have basic car insurance such as liability coverage. However, opting for additional auto insurance coverage that goes beyond state requirements can give you greater peace of mind and financial protection in case something happens such as a collision, theft, or personal injury.

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Car Insurance

Car insurance coverage comes in several forms. The various types of auto insurance policies are aimed at providing detailed coverage for every aspect of owning a vehicle; from coverage for incidents that affect you or your passengers and your vehicle to liability coverage that can help to pay for damages and medical expenses that you may have caused to another party.

Most states require you to have a minimal level of liability coverage. Liability coverage includes bodily injury liability coverage, which covers the medical expenses of another motorist when you are at fault, and property damage liability coverage, which helps to cover the property damage that you may cause as the at-fault driver.

Uninsured motorist coverage is another auto insurance policy that is required in many states. It helps to pay for medical expenses and car repairs in the event of an accident caused by another motorist that is either uninsured or has an insurance plan that doesn't cover all of your expenses.

Personal injury protection may be required by your state laws. It is an insurance policy aimed at giving you financial protection in the event of injuries sustained by another car. Unlike other forms of auto insurance, it will pay regardless of who is at fault in the accident.

Additional Auto Insurance

Other forms of auto insurance such as collision and comprehensive coverage may not be required by state laws, but if you finance the purchase of your vehicle or lease it, then you may have to purchase collision and comprehensive coverage, too. Collision auto insurance covers accidents such as driving into a tree, hitting another car, and rolling your car. Comprehensive coverage helps to cover other things outside of a collision such as theft, vandalism, hail damage, and fire among other things.

To help bring you greater peace of mind and more comprehensive auto insurance coverage for all of the situations that you may encounter as a car owner, there are several optional insurance policies that you can add. These include a personal umbrella policy to help with your other policy limits; rental reimbursement coverage to help pay for car rental required while car repairs are taking place; and roadside auto coverage to help if you or a loved one gets stuck on the side of the road.

Loan/lease gap coverage is an auto insurance policy that can help to mitigate the difference between your car loan amount and the actual value of your car in the event of it being totaled in an accident or stolen. Finally, medical payments coverage can assist you with the medical costs from an accident for you and your passengers including health insurance copays and deductibles.

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